Getting your horse safely to another destination

Wherever your horse needs to go: Livanta organises the transport down to the finest details. This starts with a modern trailer and a certified driver, safe accommodation in a suitable vessel or a comfortable place in an aeroplane. In addition, we arrange everything involved with the transport, such as the necessary paperwork, bills of lading, permits and insurance. Moreover, we also attempt to arrange a matching cargo out or back, so that a trailer does not need to take to the road empty.

Fast and safe in all countries of the world.

Because we know the applicable country-specific rules, we know exactly how to act promptly and safely. Professionally, efficiently and in an animal-friendly way for a competitive price. All the means of transport that we use naturally comply with the latest rules and regulations and are equipped with an automatic drinking system, mechanical ventilation and GPS tracking system. This way you can be sure that your horses lack nothing on the way.

Do you want to have your horses safely transported by us? Feel free to contact us for the possibilities and a competitive offer.  

Smiling young woman standing in a stable affectionately hugging her chestnut horse before going for a ride